Agriculture Development

Agriculture is the largest livelihood provider in India, in the vast rural areas. It also contributes a significant figure to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Sustainable agriculture, in terms of food security, rural employment, and environmentally sustainable technologies such as soil conservation, sustainable natural resource management and biodiversity protection, are essential for rural development. Indian agriculture and allied activities have witnessed

  • Green Revolution (Cereals, wheat and Leguminous plants)
  • White Revolution (Milk and Dairy production)
  • Yellow Revolution (Oil Seeds production)
  • Blue Revolution (Fish Production)
  • Black Revolution (Petroleum Production)
  • Brown Revolution (Leather/non-conventional(India)/Cocoa production)
  • Golden Fibre Revolution (Jute Production)
  • Golden Revolution (Overall Horticulture development/Honey Production)
  • Grey Revolution (Fertilizer Revolution)
  • Pink Revolution (Onion production/Pharmaceutical (India)/Prawn production)
  • Red Revolution (Meat and Tomato Production)
  • Round Revolution (Potato Production)
  • Silver Fibre Revolution (Cotton Revolution)
  • Silver Revolution (Egg and Poultry Production)

The Following are the functions covered in this section –

1. To formulate plans for the development of Agriculture. This involves the following tasks:-

  • To work in association with Multilateral/Bilateral Organizations, Intergovernmental Organizations, Institutional Donors, Private International Organizations and Foundations.
  • Preparation of background notes and organizing meetings with the concerned Central Departments/Ministries for the finalization of approaches, policies, strategies, targets, investment priorities etc.
  • Identification of policy directions, major strategies for inclusion in the Approach documents of the Commission.
  • To set up premier research organisation for co-ordinating, guiding and managing research and education in Agriculture including Horticulture, Fisheries and Animal Sciences.

2. Agriculture and Cooperation –

Activities relating to developmental work in the following areas will be undertaken by the organisation:

  • Agriculture Marketing
  • Credit
  • Crops
  • Drought Management
  • Horticulture
  • Integrated Nutrient Management
  • Mechanization and Technology
  • Plant Protection
  • Rain fed farming System
  • Seeds
  • Oilseeds and Pulses.

3. Agriculture Research and Education –

  • To set up Premier Research organisation for managing research and Education.
  • To work for development work relating to livestock Production, Preservation, Protection and improvement of stocks, Dairy Development and Developmental work relating to Delhi Milk Scheme and the National Dairy Development Board.
  • To work for development of fishing and formulation of policies and programmes in the field of animal husbandry, dairy Development and fisheries focusing on requisite infrastructure for improving animal productivity.
  • Preservation and protection of Livestock through provision of health care and development of superior breed for distribution.

4. Chemicals and Petrochemicals –

  • Insecticides
  • Molasses
  • All organic and inorganic Chemicals
  • Planning, Development and assistance to all industries
  • Petro-chemicals

5. Fertilizers –

  • To ensure adequate and Timely availability of fertilizers at affordable prices for maximizing agriculture production.
  • Import of fertilizers
  • Concession Schemes and management of Subsidy for controlled Fertilizers.
  • Fertilizer production units in the Cooperative Sector.

6. Drugs and Pharmaceuticals –

  • Development of Infrastructure, manpower and Skills for the Pharmaceutical Sector and Management of related Information.
  • Education, Training, research and grant of fellowships and technical guidance on all matters relating to this sector.

7. Cooperation, Agricultural Credit and Crop insurance

  • Cooperative Credit
  • Cooperative marketing
  • Cooperative Processing
  • Consumer Cooperatives
  • Cooperative education, training and research
  • Cooperative for weaker sections e.g. labor cooperatives and transport cooperatives.