Bloomindia Programme

The problem of unemployment is increasing fast, due to rapid growth of population, it is not possible to accommodate rising work force in public and formal sectors. Every able man and woman should get employment. It is highly accepted that the employees should have skills and potential that can enable them to ensure their growth and development within the organization. Every job determines a different kind of role and responsibilities that demands different kind of employability skills.

A change in mental attitude of our boys and girls is necessary. As many of them are service-minded, they do not want to take risks, they do not like to start business or small-scale industries. A desire for doing something of one's own may solve the problem of unemployment for both educated and uneducated people. Our education system needs to be skill based.

There is need for speedy reorganisation of the ecosystem of skill development and entrepreneurship promotion in the country, to suit the needs of the industries and enable quality of life to its population. Taking in to account the requirement of multiple stake-holders following outcomes to be achieved have been identified by THE HUMANITY WELFARE COUNCIL

  • Ensure youth emerging from formal education are employable with job or self employment oriented skills.
  • Ensure people stuck in low income jobs and in the unorganized segments can access growth opportunities through up-skilling /re-skilling and recognition of prior learning.
  • Improve supply and quality of the work force for industry, contributing to increased productivity.
  • Making Skill Development for youth must according to their orientation.

The aim of the Humanity Welfare Council is to provide an umbrella framework to all skilled and employment activities being carried out within the country to align them to common standards and link these with demand centres. Our program will link skill development to improved employability and productivity.

  • Institutional training
  • Institutional training
  • Convergence
  • Trainers
  • Overseas employment
  • Sustainable livelihood

Promotion of leadership qualities, are some of working areas of our BLOOMIMG INDIA PROGRAM

Protecting and safeguarding the interest of workers in general and the poor, deprived, destitute and disadvantage sections of the society is the main motto of this Programme.

Our aim is to create a healthy work environment for higher production and productivity and to develop and coordinate vocational skill training and employment services. Our attention is focussed on promotion of welfare of labour force both in organised and unorganised sectors.

Our special program is to culminate child labour and focussing on general development of the families of children. Our project based actions in areas of high concentration of child labour are successful to bring back children back to schools and provide them RIGHT TO EDUCATION.

The vision of THE HUMANITY WELFARE COUNCIL is to provide social security to the people of lower strata of the society by which they may be able to live a descent life with all the living rights enshrined in the constitution of our country.