Empoweringindia Scheme

Social inequalities has given birth weaker sections of the society which includes SCs, STs, women, children, poor, landless labours, who have faced socio-economic and political discrimination in hands of dominating sections.

To strengthens the position of weaker section to acquire justice and rights, is our main motto

The participation of economically weaker section in economic activities and politics, caste based practices is still prevalent in societies. Tribes are snatched of traditional rights and culture based on forests and its resources. Disabled people are still fighting for a decent level of living in socio-economic fronts. Marginalised sections are still marginalised and facing socio- economic and political deprivation. Lack of education, resources, and skills as well as social stigmas are main factors contributing in lack of their empowerment. Unawareness, cultural hegemony, apathy of public institutes, lengthy and costly judicial system of our country discouraged them fight for their right of justice.

The Humanity Welfare Council is running extensive programs for empowerment of weaker section.

For this we include other sections of Indian sections of society in their empowerment plans. Awareness programs are to sensitize societies which will help in building trust and bonding among various sections and work as preventive mechanism, to impart value of empathy and compassion is need of the time. A responsive and proactive society is needed to stop any crime against any marginalised groups.

Self-help groups are formed to provide employment opportunities and a well build market for these groups.We understand our responsibility to protect and promote human rights of weaker section.

We need educated mind not just literates, we need moral and ethical perspective in life, and we aspire for making this society an egalitarian society, a holistic equal society so that the benefits of growth can trickle down in distributive manner establishing peace and harmony in the society.

This special Scheme of our organisation is intended to carter to the special needs of persons and groups who by reason of some disability, social, economic, physical, or mental are unable to avail themselves of the amnesties and services provided by the community.

Economic, Social and Political empowerment is our vision.