Project MILAAN

Project MILAAN is an initiative of HUMANITY WELAFRE COUNCIL. Every human being deserves to grow up free from abduction, sexual abuse and exploitation. We are committed to building a safer world. We have come together with the motive of helping reunite missing people with their families. A child may be lost and he may not find the way back home. An adult with mental health issues may be lost and there is no way he or she will be able to find his/her way back to their families. They languish and suffer while their families grieve and search frantically. Our mission is to help such lost children or adults reunite with their families.

If you're attempting to find a missing person, here are a few crucial steps you'll need to take.

  • Alert the Authorities.
  • Contact Friends and Family.
  • Hang Signs.
  • Contact Project MILAAN.
  • Check Jails and Hospitals.
  • Check Social Media.
  • Track Their Phone.

Vision of Project MILAAN:

Our vision is that every missing person is found safe and united with their loved ones.

Mission of Project MILAAN:

The mission of project MILAAN is to connect lost people with their families. Eradicate child begging and child labor.

You can contact us for missing people by sending the details to

Frequently Asked Questions

Project MILAAN means connecting people who are lost due to some reasons.

Project MILAAN connects people and recognises the following activities-

  • Bringing organisations working on this theme under one umbrella.
  • Establishing an interactive platform to make it easy for lost people to be found.
  • To create a unique database for all human beings.

Anyone whose whereabouts cannot be established and where the circumstances are out of character or the context suggests the person may be subject of crime or at risk of harm to themselves or another.

People go missing for many reasons. It is often not possible to identify one singular reason as a person might be facing a number of contributing issues. People can go missing intentionally or unintentionally. However, the majority of people who go missing are vulnerable in some way. Research suggests that up to 80% of adults who go missing have mental health issues and children who go missing are vulnerable due to their young age.

There are many ways to help Project MILAAN in finding lost people, and we could not do our work without the assistance of many generous people and organizations! Opportunities to get involved include:

  • Financial Contributions can be made either online, cheque or Demand Draft in favor of HUMANITY WELFARE COUNCIL, payable at NEW DELHI, INDIA. We appreciate online payments for transparency.
  • Join us online and help us in spreading our concern by becoming part of our facebook and Twitter networks and sign-up for email alerts.
  • You can help as a volunteer by sharing information about the lost persons by sharing the information on your social platform.

Technology plays a very important role in Project MILAAN.

  • The data and pictures collected from complainants / volunteers will be stored securely in our database.
  • On getting a match, we will aim on reuniting the person with their loved ones.
  • If match not found, we will continue maintaining our quest.

Children/People who go missing mostly land in the following sections

  • They are forced into begging.
  • They are forced to become child laborers.
  • They are forced into sex trade
  • They are used for organ trading.
  • They are used for criminal activities.

No, Project MILAAN is recognised under HUMANITY WELFARE COUNCIL.

The funding for project MILAAN is raised from Crowd funding Platforms, individuals, organisations and material contributions from individuals and organisations.

We often encounter persons on the streets who are homeless and many of them could be possibly lost people.

  • The best way to help these people is by interacting with them and if possible you can create a video of such people with your mobile phone.
  • You can send such videos to us at
  • Your little pain can bring a smile on someone's face.